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Learning at All Levels

Siyanse Explorers

Ages 3-6

Building the foundation in their developmental age. Siyanse unlocks the aha! moment and sparks an interest in the world around them. Play and dream big as firefighters, dentists and more.

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Siyanse Creators

Ages 6-13

Design the world you want to see. Take the basics and expand with the wind turbine, traffic light and more. Siyanse develops an in-depth understanding of the ‘how’ and ‘why’ with hands-on activities.

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Siyanse Innovators

Ages 13+

Turn it up a notch! Innovators feel ready to change the world—and they are. Siyanse involves your pre-teens in the design process to engineer a brighter future. Construct a drone, build a beatbox and become a ship captain.

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